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What will Zetcoin be ?

Zetcoin is a chocolate token. You can fund your account by buying Zetcoin to earn from Chocolate Industry.

Chocolate is one of the most popular treats of candy collections. And we offer to buy a chocolate coin. This is a great start-up idea with challenges, but with the right business approach you can achieve huge results: not only make good money, but also enjoy it. With Zetcoin You can invest in Chocolate Industry easily and securely while you are enjoying passive income up to 200% APY.


Cacao and chocolate is a rapidly changing dynamic and, profitable industry, one of the most attractive industry in the world.


Protecting the interests of entrepreneurs and chocolate lovers who, with the help of Zetcoin, will be able to safely make transactions.

As a popular Chocolate & Cacao Provider?

ZET Chocolate Tokens

Our Tokens with a realworld use case created on the blockchain network.

Listing on LBANK


Total token supply

5.000.000 (5 million)

Official Contract address


Listing on

on 8/23/2023



  • Creating Project
  • Global Partnership
  • Heavy marketing activities


  • Boutique Producer App
  • Listing on various exchanges
  • Press Releases
  • Various AMA with the professionals of
  • Chocolate Sector


  • Zetcoin Chocolate Token App
  • Worldwide business partnership


  • Zetcoin Cocoa Portfolio Tracker App
  • Attending Worldwide Blockchain forums for exposure


  • 1st Chocolate Summit sponsored by Zetcoin in Istanbul
  • Partnership with Global Chocolate Distributors


  • Opening Zetcoin 3rd wave Chocolate boutiques in famous capitals around the world.
  • Zetcoin Chocolate metaverse


  • New factory Openings in various countries 2500 kg/daily production

Zetcoin is a chocolate token. Using Zetcoin, you can fund your account on your dashboard to earn passive income as shareholder. People who have a great passion for real business partnership are also very fond of convenience. It is very likely that the ubiquity of Zetcoin would be met with great enthusiasm by the investors.


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